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As part of this tour you will feel the spirit of Moscow and see all the basic beauty of our wonderful city. Our four-day tour, we include two main excursions- Kremlin and Moscow city tour. Seen these two excursions we believe it is essential because it's the only way you can see all the beauty and uniqueness of Moscow. If you have a desire to visit other tours, go to the opera or the theatre, or visit Moscow Zoo, Izmailovo Kremlin- we will always be happy to help you in organizing this kind of tours.
Travelers from all over the world will enjoy a visit of the northern Russian capital - St. Petersburg. This is truly a unique city where centuries-old architectural masterpieces are combined with modern buildings. 5 unforgettable days await you in this astounding city. In this trip you will visit a tour of one of the most beautiful and famous museums of RussiaHermitage. Also you will visit the Museum-Preserve Tsarskoye Selo in Pushkin, Catherine's Palace and Petergof. Visiting all these attractions you will get a unique experience and a lot of positive emotions that will stay with you for a long time.

The Golden Ring tour. During these tour you will see ancient towns, which also played a significant role in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church, preserve the memory of the most important and significant events in Russian history. The towns have been called «open air museums» and feature unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries, including kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals, and churches. These towns are among the most picturesque in Russia and prominently feature Russia's famous onion domes.
We created this 3-days trip to show you SOVIET Moscow. The Soviet era lasted over 70 years and we may still find many signs of it in our present-day reality. During these days you will dive into the past and feel the spirit of the Soviet Union. We carefully picked the best spots which remind us about this historical period - from the hotel you will leave in till your dining place…

We can arrange for you a wonderful trip on the Black Sea where you can enjoy spectacular views of cities such as Adler and Sochi. Here you will see all the beauty of these cities, you will be able to learn the basics of white water rafting, as well as gain the skills of sailing sport. During these five days you will learn the basics of sailing sport and you will take a participation of the sailing regatta. Also as part of this tour you will take a participation in some teambuilding activities.
You will live in the real north "chum"(chum is a raw-hide tent, portable dwelling of nomadic reindeer herders in the form of a conical core of poles, covered in winter with deer skins). It's unforgettable! It's exotic. It's amazing. It's comfortable. Try it!
You will try real north tasty dishes and feel real russian hospitality. Everything is steeped in the spirit of northern culture, every thing has its own history, a rich range of colors and moods.

Great architecture monuments in Russia
Russian cuisine - is one of the most diverse and delicious in the world. Russian traditional dishes – soups (fish soup, cabbage soup, red borsch, mushroom soup, rassolnik, solyanka - served with cold sour cream and sprinkled with herbs), pelmeni, dumplings with cottage cheese, potatoes with mushrooms and fresh dill, different casseroles and stuffed cabbage… And one of the most favorite, traditional, and vintage dishes – pancakes, with butter, sour cream, cherry jam and of course caviar. Tasty pies with meat, cabbage, eggs, potatoes… We can talk about it endlessly. We can surely say, that we know restaurants where people love to cook and know all about it. We have gathered for you the best in our database of restaurants. We invite you to get acquainted with Russian cuisine!
Team building activities have certainly proven themselves as a tool to unite the differences of each individual for the benefit of the team. Ranging from the inter-meeting ice-breakers to the most extreme physical challenges, team building has the capacity to identify the weak spots within your team and rectify them. And it's a lot of fun, too! DUE TO THE RUSSIA'S EXTENSIVE TERRITORY, THE POSSIBILITIES AND OPTIONS FOR THE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES ARE TRULY ENDLESS.
Our agency offers a wide range of team building activities. Our experienced staff can assist you with activity selection to help you identify and solve the problem areas within your team.
«Heroes of Kamchatka» will have a chance to find Bigfoot or destroy this myth, participants will have an interesting tasks on the other side of the Earth. We're offer you: - outdoor activities - assignments in thermal springs - the practice a healthy lifestyle - also the practice of anti-stress in the workshop format

After paying the reservation you will receive the necessary documents for applying to the Russian Embassy in your country.

We offer air tickets, train tickets, VIP service at airports. We will find for you the flights that are best suited for your needs and wishes.

Your life and health will be insured for the whole period of the trip. We can also offer various insurance programs, according to your needs.

At our disposal a variety of transport, from cars, to buses and even helicopters. We will arrange the transfer for you in any point of Russia
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